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Welcome to the Stoney Creek Habitat Specialists (SCHS) page. SCHS specializes in developing wildlife habitat throughout the Great Lakes region.

What does SCHS do? SCHS consults with landowners and helps them identify what their goals are for a particular piece of land. Once those goals are established, SCHS then develops a plan to carry out those goals. SCHS has experience in food plot and prairie grass installation, tree planting and timber stand manament/improvement and pond and road/trail building.

What are food plots? Food plots are either warm or cool season plantings that provide nutrition to many different species of wildlife throughout an entire year. Food plots can also be either annual or perennial plantings. Examples of annuals would be; corn, sorghum and brassicas. Examples of perennials would be; clover, alfalfa and chicory.

What are prairie grasses? Prairie grasses are also either warm or cool season plantings, but are all perennials, meaning they continue to grow year after year without replanting. Warm season prairie grasses provide great cover throughout the year for deer, turkey, pheasant, songbirds and many other types of wildlife. Cool season grasses provide fawn rearing cover for deer and nesting habitat for pheasants and turkeys, as well as many songbirds.

What is timber stand improvement? TSI is the practice of managing your woodlots for the maximum benefit of wildlife and cash value for future timber harvest. SCHS uses only qualified and certified forestry consultants to manage a customers woodlot. TSI typically results in creating bedding and feeding areas for whitetail deer that greatly enhances ones property!

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