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When you’ve heard the snap of fallen branches under your boots on a quiet winter morning, smelled the fresh tilled earth of a recently plowed field, and hiked the fence line around every acre of your property, you know that land is more than the dirt under your feet. The land is in your blood.

The forests, fields, and farmland of our customers contain family memories to last a lifetime. For our sellers, those memories reach back decades, and for our buyers, those are memories yet to be made. Stoney Creek Realty is here to connect buyers with sellers who have a shared passion for the outdoor lifestyle.

Land Specialists, Not Just Realtors

We’ve spent our lives in the woods and fields of Michigan and the Midwest hunting, farming, fishing, and working. As experts in rural property assessment, we can help you whether you’re looking to buy or sell a property for hunting, fishing, or farming. Connect with us, browse currently available properties, or complete a property assessment to get started. 

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Why Grand Rapids Is the Next Big Thing

Why Grand Rapids Is the Next Big Thing

Grand Rapids is a great choice for those who love to spend their time in the great outdoors. As you consider where you want to retreat from it all to hunt, fish, or farm, there are certainly other variables besides land quality to consider. Read on and learn why this city provides the best of both outdoor and urban living.

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Senseless Scent Mistakes

Now that the best part of the whitetail hunting season is behind us, I hope we all learned a few things. Outside of not sighting in our gun or bows, not wearing your safety harness, or forgetting to purchase a hunting license, there aren’t many

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Got Land?

The decision to buy or sell hunting or farmland is going to be one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life, so don’t take it lightly!If you don’t currently own your own land, you might want to think about ‘gettin some&rs

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