Motorbike Overmitts

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Nothing better on a frosty morning than slipping into these motorbike mitts. They keep your hands dry and out of the wind. One size fits all quads and motorbikes and the side zips make for easier drying. Stiffened opening makes it easy to get into them.

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The Motorbike Overmitts

Key Features



  • Fits all quads
  • Side zips for easy drying
  • Easy to get into
  • Extra tough canvas







Warranty & Care


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Notes on Washing: To extend the life of the garment and for best performance, use a small amount of non-scented LIQUID detergent. DO NOT use powder detergents, fabric softener or chlorine bleach. Powder detergents include artificial scents, UV brighteners and abrasives that will reduce the life of the garment.

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