Infant's Bushlite Tee

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Inspire the next generation to follow in your footsteps with the Infant's Bushlite Tee. Crafted from a pure hydrophobic micro-yarn for high warmth-to-weight ratio, these comfortable and durable layers provide ultimate versatility and defend against all the muck and mess that your young ones will encounter in their adventures around home and also their widening outdoor playground!

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Infants Bushlite T

Key Features



  • Warm
  • Lightweight
  • Quick dry
  • Breathable
  • Snap domes at rear



Infants Size Chart

000 44 CM 44 CM
00 47 CM 47 CM
0 50 CM 50 CM
1* 53 CM 52 CM
2* 56 CM 54 CM
000 17.3 INCH 17.3 INCH
00 18.5 INCH 18.5 INCH
0 19.7 INCH 19.7 INCH
1 20.9 INCH 20.5 INCH
2 22 INCH 21.3 INCH

How to Measure

(Body Measurements)

Our Size Charts are of ‘Body Measurements’ not garment measurement. To determine what size you fall into ensure to measure against your body. It is best to ask another to help so that you can assume a natural standing position. When using the measuring tape it is important not to pull tight on the tape, the tape should be without tension and sit comfortably against the body. For a natural measurement one finger should be under the tape, this allows for ‘ease and natural movement’ see Figure.1 below

When we design our clothing we do take into consideration how you will be wearing the garment. For example a winter rainwear jacket you would be wearing insulating layers underneath so the size of the jacket accommodates this. So you won’t need to purchase a size up.

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Warranty & Care


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Notes on Washing: To extend the life of the garment and for best performance, use a small amount of non-scented LIQUID detergent. DO NOT use powder detergents, fabric softener or chlorine bleach. Powder detergents include artificial scents, UV brighteners and abrasives that will reduce the life of the garment.

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