Women's Tavern Merino Hoodie

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The Tavern Merino Hoodie is a contemporary take on the classic hoodie, crafted with 100% merino wool which gives it strength and durability combined with a smart and understated look- perfect for wearing down to the tavern! Wear the Tavern Merino Hoodie every day for a smart and low-key look but know yourself that your passions are close to heart. Stoney Creek’s merino wool is crafted with OTW® technology which strengthens the yarn and increases pilling resistance.

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Key Features



  • Durable, high quality merino wool construction
  • Soft feel and comfortable fit
  • Subtle branding and minimalistic look





Fabric Technology


The merino wool is constructed with OTW® technology which provides fabrics and apparel with better anti-pilling performance, clearer appearance and a superior wearing experience. In addition, it doesn’t require any chemical anti-pilling treatment which significantly improves the environmental impact.

Women's Size Chart

6* 82 CM 62 CM
8 87 CM 67 CM
10 92 CM 72 CM
12 97 CM 77 CM
14 103 CM 83 CM
16 109 CM 89 CM
18 115 CM 95 CM
20 121 CM 101 CM
22* 127 CM 107 CM
6* 32 3/8 INCH 24 1/2 INCH
8 34 3/8 INCH 26 1/2 INCH
10 36 3/8 INCH 28 1/2 INCH
12 38 3/8 INCH 30 3/8 INCH
14 40 3/4 INCH 33 3/4 INCH
16 43 INCH 35 1/8 INCH
18 45 3/8 INCH 37 1/2 INCH
20 48 3/4 INCH 40 INCH
22* 50 INCH 42 1/4 INCH

How to Measure

(Body Measurements)

Sizing chart is a used as a guide only for body measurements. Individual products may vary slightly. Not all sizes are available in all styles. For more information, please CONTACT US

Warranty & Care


For more information on our Pacemaker Warranties please click HERE.



Notes on Washing: To extend the life of the garment and for best performance, handwashing is our recommended method. Use lukewarm water and a mild plant based liquid detergent or wool conditioner specifically formulated for wool. Gently rinse well in cold water avoiding twisting the garment. DO NOT use fabric softener or chlorine bleach. Bleach destroys the wool fibers, and fabric softener coats those fibers—reducing their ability to naturally manage moisture and regulate body temperature. Lay flat on a rack to dry, avoid direct sunlight and do not tumble dry.

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